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First time criminal charges are difficult to face

For a person who is coming into the criminal justice system for the first time, there are a lot of uncertainties. Trying to understand what is going on is imperative so that you can make decisions about your case. This isn't always easy to do on your own.

There are many aspects of facing criminal charges that you need to plan for. You will likely go through several court hearings. Each one of these needs to be planned for. You should get started on your defense strategy as quickly as possible.

At the start of your case, you will have to decide whether you want to consider a plea deal. This is only an option if you admit that you did commit the crime since you will have to plead guilty to it.

The benefit to a plea deal is that it can get your case resolved faster while providing you with some input into the sentence you will face. On the negative side, you won't be able to appeal the conviction or sentence due to a clause that's present in plea deal contracts. Typically, prosecutors want to work with another attorney to negotiate a plea deal, so consider this if you want a plea arrangement.

The alternative is going through a trial. This is usually heard by a jury of your peers that determines whether you are guilty or not guilty. You don't have a say in the sentence if you are found guilty. Some defendants find this too stressful, especially if they feel a conviction is likely. If you know you didn't commit the crime, a trial is your only option.

We know that you have some major decisions coming up. You'll find helpful information here on our website.

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