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Drug-induced impaired driving is very serious

Impaired driving doesn't necessarily mean that a person was consuming alcohol. It is possible to face a driving under the influence charge if you have taken drugs. This is because the standard is only if you are using a substance of some sort that impacts your ability to drive.

Around 10 million Americans reported driving under the influence of drugs classified as illegal during the previous year, according to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration survey. In all of these cases, the person put others at risk of suffering injuries or death in a crash due to the impaired driving.

When you think about impaired driving due to drugs, you might think that this applies only to illegal drugs; however, this is only one part of the issue. Over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs can also lead to this occurring. Allergy medications, muscle relaxers and pain killers are some fairly common drugs that might affect your ability to drive safely.

A problem with this is that it isn't always possible for the officers who handle these traffic stops to accurately gauge a person's impairment level. There aren't tests that can show the concentration of the substance in the blood with a measurement that can show the impairment level. Drugs that are in a person's system can still appear long after the impacts are gone.

Your defense against a drug-induced impaired driving case can vary based on the circumstances of the incident. These cases all require that you look at each aspect independently to determine how you are going to answer to the accusations.

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