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Drug courts bring treatment and punishment together

Drug crime charges put defendants in a precarious position, especially when they are addicted to the drugs they were caught with. There is a need for the person to face punishment for breaking the law, but they also need help to overcome the addiction. The Western Judicial Circuit Felony Drug Court in the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government system provides both for qualified individuals.

What should you expect from your criminal defense attorney?

There can be several parts of a good criminal defense. As someone facing charges, you want to make sure that all the angles are covered. You should know what to expect from your criminal defense attorney so that you can tell if they're doing all they can to help you avoid prison or other penalties.

College students must be cautious with their behavior

Heading to college is a big event in a new student's life. One thing that most students don't think too much about is what is going to happen if they get into trouble. During their high school years, they were able to count on their parents for help if things were spiraling out of control. Now, they are adults who must learn how to help themselves. Their parents might still be willing to do what they can but behaving like an adult is crucial for college students.

Homicides can sometimes lead to criminal charges

Taking another human's life is something that normal humans don't ever want to do. There are times when there could be an incident that does lead to one person killing another, even if it isn't intentional. These cases can sometimes lead to criminal charges but the exact charge the person will face varies.

Georgia's heroin laws provide for harsh criminal penalties

Addiction to heroin is a big problem in this country. The laws regarding this controlled substance vary from one state to another. Georgia has some very strict penalties for individuals who are convicted of crimes related to this drug. If you are facing a criminal case for heroin, here are the penalties that you should be aware of.

DUI dread: Yes, it can affect your schooling

A DUI is something many people end up dealing with because of a single, silly mistake. They might have underestimated how much they'd had to drink that night or realized they couldn't get a ride home and risked it. Sometimes, people get a DUI just by having poor driving skills, even though they're not technically over the limit.

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