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Campaigning hopeful lands in jail on first-offense DUI

A 61-year-old former physician is running as a Democrat and challenging the U.S. representative Tom Graves for Northwest Georgia's 14th District. What's interesting about this case is that the man is currently in jail for a DUI.

According to the story, the man was pulled over for having his headlights out. He claims he had only two or three beers several hours before the stop, but his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was over .08 percent. This landed him in jail for six months. He claims he has no intention of quitting the race because he put down $5,200 of his own money to qualify.

Lack of control is often an issue for criminal defendants

There are many unknowns that you will have to live with when you are facing criminal charges. Unfortunately, many issues in this process can't be rushed so you will have to be patient. While you are waiting on various steps and other components of the case, you can review the possible outcomes and options that you have so that you can make informed decisions.

We know that many people have type A personalities and need to plan ahead. You might not be able to do this on some aspects of your case. It might be best for you to plan out what will happen with each option that is possible. This might make you feel a bit better about what's going on.

Traffic tickets can affect your livelihood and finances

When you get a traffic ticket, you might be tempted to pay it an forget about it. This might be a mistake. Before you head in to just pay it, think about how the traffic ticket might harm you in the future. You might be surprised at how far reaching these tickets might be.

One way that they can impact you is that your insurance will go up. This depends on the policy that you have and whether it has a forgiveness clause. The type of ticket it is might also have a part in how your rates are affected. Typically, moving violations, such as speeding or reckless driving, are viewed as more serious than correctable violations, such as having a taillight out.

Get your loved one help for their drug charges

Drug addiction is a horrible thing to go through. The family members of a person who's addicted might be relieved in a way if their loved one is arrested because at least they know that the person is safe. Sadly, this doesn't really help the addict address the underlying issues.

It can be hard to support a person who is on drugs. You are likely worried about what they are doing to themselves. Even if you do think that jail is a safer place for them, you should remember that most jails are a network of dealers and addicts who can keep your loved one hooked.

Adderall use on the rise in Georgia

Being a Georgia resident, you're not immune to the fast-paced, academically rigorous, competitive, business-aggressive lifestyle many people currently live. If you are still in the process of working toward your college degree, there may be many nights when you can hardly keep your eyes open long enough to adequately study for a test. If you're part of a work study program, you might face an even greater challenge, trying to hold down a job and keep up with school work at the same time.

Drugs like Adderall have properties believed to stimulate the central nervous system. You might know several students who have prescriptions for this or similar medications. You may also know some students who use this type of drug without prescription. In fact, you may be one of them yourself. If so, you are hopefully aware that doing so is highly illegal and could lead to criminal charges, which of course can greatly interfere with your college-related goals.

Can you get a DUI when you're under the legal limit?

Even if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below .08 percent, there is a risk that you could still be charged with a DUI. Of course, there has to be significant evidence to convict you without proof in the form of a blood or breath test. However, it's still possible.

When you have a BAC of .08 percent or more, it's known as per se intoxication. This means that an officer has a right to arrest you and does not require further proof. However, this isn't the only time when you can face DUI charges. You can be arrested for DUI if you're under .08 percent if you are younger than 21, for instance, or if you're noticeably impaired.

Drug courts bring treatment and punishment together

Drug crime charges put defendants in a precarious position, especially when they are addicted to the drugs they were caught with. There is a need for the person to face punishment for breaking the law, but they also need help to overcome the addiction. The Western Judicial Circuit Felony Drug Court in the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government system provides both for qualified individuals.

The Felony Drug Court program combines an intensive rehabilitation program with the criminal justice system's community monitoring program. It is divided into five phases and lasts 18 to 24 months. Some individuals might balk at what seems like an easy way out for the defendant; however, there isn't anything easy about this program.

What should you expect from your criminal defense attorney?

There can be several parts of a good criminal defense. As someone facing charges, you want to make sure that all the angles are covered. You should know what to expect from your criminal defense attorney so that you can tell if they're doing all they can to help you avoid prison or other penalties.

A criminal defense attorney is responsible for helping develop a defense to the charges against you. Your attorney knows rules and regulations that apply to your case as well as the specifics of the court or location where your case will be heard. The attorney likely knows or is familiar with the prosecuting attorney and may have an idea about what the judge is like in court.

College students must be cautious with their behavior

Heading to college is a big event in a new student's life. One thing that most students don't think too much about is what is going to happen if they get into trouble. During their high school years, they were able to count on their parents for help if things were spiraling out of control. Now, they are adults who must learn how to help themselves. Their parents might still be willing to do what they can but behaving like an adult is crucial for college students.

We understand that many college students, especially freshmen, might run into trouble when they are out on their own. Sometimes, things like getting carried away with pranks, can lead to legal issues. Study drugs and parties seem to be the downfall of some students. It is important that college students remember that they are legally adults and will be treated accordingly.

Homicides can sometimes lead to criminal charges

Taking another human's life is something that normal humans don't ever want to do. There are times when there could be an incident that does lead to one person killing another, even if it isn't intentional. These cases can sometimes lead to criminal charges but the exact charge the person will face varies.

When a person dies at the hands of another person, it is known as a homicide. Some of these are criminal matters, but others aren't. Homicide detectives work to determine how the death occurred and then they work with the prosecutor to determine what needs to happen.

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