How Would The Registry Affect You?

Georgia requires anyone convicted of a felony sex crime to register for the sex offender registry, which is a database accessible to the public with information such as offenders' names and location of residence. Registration is mandatory and if you do not register within 72 hours of release from prison or probation, you could face more jail time.

Being on the sex offender registry affects where you can live and work. For example, you would be unable to live within a certain distance of any schools and could not be employed in a position that works with children.

You must reregister every year, and you are also required to notify the police of any changes to your information. Failure to do so can also result in jail time.

Can You Be Removed From The Registry?

It is possible to be taken off the registry though it is usually difficult. If you complete your prison sentence and probation time, and you are kept in a facility or totally disabled, you can petition to be removed. It is best to seek help from a lawyer when petitioning, as you will be unable to file another request for two years if you are denied.

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