Have You Violated Your Probation?

Probationary periods set rules and regulations that you must follow for the duration of your probation. Any violation of these rules could cause further trouble and put you in a tough legal situation again.

Some examples of violations to avoid include:

  • Missing court appearances
  • Visiting places from which you are restricted
  • Failing to report to your probation officer
  • Engaging in criminal activity

What Happens After A Violation?

Violation of your probation's terms is a separate case from the initial criminal case you faced. However, your previous case can be reopened if you violate your terms before the probation period has ended. You would have to endure a case that you probably assumed was in the past, while also worrying about your new probation case.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer is necessary in such an overwhelming situation. The law firm of Alfred Fargione has the legal knowledge to tackle complex cases and defend you on both fronts, from previous allegations and from the legal issues surrounding your violation.

We Provide Reassurance And Strong Defense

Attorney Alfred Fargione can litigate against any opponent. His incredible attention to detail and preparation allows clients to have confidence in the outcomes of their cases. We will address all of your concerns and work to defend your rights in any situation you are facing.

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