What Happens If You Refuse A Breath Test?

If you are pulled over and asked to take a breath test, you may feel that you have to comply. However, our team at the law firm of Alfred Fargione always recommends that you refuse the test.

Georgia operates under implied consent. This means you can face license suspension for refusing the test, but you have a chance to request a hearing to dismiss this suspension. If you take the breath test and are charged with DUI, you may be unable to get your license back.

This is why we recommend refusing the test: refusal provides a chance to regain your license in an administrative hearing whereas a DUI would bar you from earning it back unless you can dismiss the DUI charges.

We can work with you before the administrative hearing to earn back your driving rights and protect you in upcoming criminal hearings for your DUI case.

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As soon as you contact us, attorney Alfred Fargione will take steps to defend you from potential consequences you could face. We are highly experienced in criminal defense and have successfully reinstated many clients' licenses through these hearings.

Our team is passionate about guiding people through these tough situations. We know the legal process is often overwhelming and you have many concerns on your mind. We make a point to answer all of our clients' questions clearly. If there is anything you do not understand about your case, we will clear it up for you.

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