Find A Legal Ally To Fight Your DUI

Georgia's laws surrounding DUI can carry significant consequences, even for first-time offenses. In addition to criminal penalties such as fines and possible jail time, Georgia will automatically suspend your license if you are charged with DUI. You may have options to regain your license but your situation is still serious and needs to be handled by a lawyer who has success with drunk driving defense.

If you receive a DUI conviction on your record, it can hinder future opportunities. You would also face much harsher penalties if convicted of another DUI in the future. We have the skills to combat this, but we want all of our clients to understand the gravity of their situation and the need for legal assistance.

Our Negotiation And Trial Skills

Though we work to negotiate our clients' charges, a trial may be necessary to fully protect you. We are highly skilled in the courtroom. We prepare thoroughly for these trials, taking great care to enter every case more prepared than the other side.

Of course our goal is to have your charges dismissed altogether, but we also know how to plead DUIs down to less severe charges such as reckless driving, which would carry much less harsh penalties. We will find the best legal option for your situation.

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